The Seven Churches of Revelation



The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, written in the first century CE, presents God speaking in symbolic language to what are called the ?Churches of Asia?. These were actual locations in the western region of present day Turkey. Of the seven locations, the cities of Ephesus and Smyrna, (now known as Izmir) are well-known coastal communities; the others are small villages or archaeological sites.

Believed written by the Apostle John, the Biblical text uses the metaphor of an angel to symbolically represent each congregation. In the text, the churches in turn are first praised for a strength, but then admonished to correct their shortcomings and weaknesses. Swedenborgian interpretation also holds that the seven churches may symbolically represent all people with such shortcomings, or represent seven stages of development on a spiritual journey.

These windows portray the angels as described in verses 2:1 through 3:22. Each angel holds a symbolic gift which God promises if the congregation overcomes its flaws. The etched inscriptions on lowest panel of each window name the angel and quote the promise.

This 8 minute YouTube clip visits the ruins of the cities in Turkey today.