About the Organization

In Company with Angels, Inc.

Incorporated on March 2, 2007, the mission of the non-profit In Company with Angels is “to share with the greatest number of people Tiffany’s window series ‘Angels Representing Seven Churches’, to provide education about its historical and artistic significance, to archive its evolution and journey and to ensure its safekeeping for future generations to discover and enjoy.”

The Board of Directors is a mix of community and church members who bring talents from the fields of stained-glass restoration, finance, education, fundraising, journalism, music and the arts.

Susannah CurrieBoard President Rev. Susannah Currie finds her ongoing enthusiasm renewed with each new story of “angelic” intervention. A founding board member, Susannah has filled several vital roles which have helped “In Company with Angels” grow and flourish. She has a background in accounting and organizational management and is an ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church of North America.

Larraine Mosteller had gone for a walk with a friend on the Temenos property and when days later an ABC-TV news broadcast showed Rev. Currie and the shed where the windows had been stored, she recognized that she had just seen that shed on her walk. Larraine says she ‘felt the angels called her forth to volunteer her assistance for the project. As a retired CPA, Larraine now serves as Board Treasurer.

Cheryl Desmond
Exhibition Manager Cheryl Desmond brings a background in museums and non-profit organizations, having worked with traveling exhibitions for many years at the Franklin Institute and other Philadelphia institutions. Her master’s in American Art and History from the University of Pennsylvania has also served her well for interpreting these Tiffany windows.

Art FemenellaCurator Emeritus Arthur J. Femenella, has been working with stained glass since 1968. The founder and owner of the firm Femenella & Associates, Art consults on restoration projects throughout the country. He enjoys solving the challenges presented by working on historic stained-glass windows, and was the primary advisor for the restoration of Tiffany’s “Angels Representing Seven Churches.

2018 Board of Directors

        Rev. Susannah Currie, President
        Ken Kuzman, Secretary
        Larraine Mosteller, Treasurer
        Connie Carter
        Karen N. Conger
        Cheryl Desmond, Exhibitions
        Rev. Carla Friedrich


      Art Femenella, Curator Emeritus